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IVC-ZAG release Israeli High-Tech funding report for Q3/2020

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

According to the report, amidst the world crisis, Israeli Tech financing remained robust during Q3, following the positive trend fromH1/2020, with $2.74 billion in 151 deals - up 26% from Q2/2020 and 24% from Q3/2019. Despite the challenges, capital raising has reached almost the entire 2019 amount. The overall numbers and deal amounts proved resilient during Q3, compared both to Q3/2019 and Q2/2020.

In Q3/2020, 66% of all deals were VC-backed, accounting for 86% of the total capital of $2.74B raised in this quarter.

Later rounds attracted the highest amount in Q1–Q3/2020, reaching $3.2B – an increase of 34% above the capital amount attracted over the entire 2019 in this rounds type.

However, the median investment in Seed rounds decreased approximately 80% over Q1–Q3/2020 comparing to 2018–2019, signaling the investors are shying away from risky assets such as early stage companies. The number of Angel investors in Seed rounds during Q1–Q3/2020 decreased by 60% from 2018–2019 levels.


IVC ZAG Q3 2020-Final
Download PDF • 1.54MB

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